Lysol: Protect Like a Mother

When it comes to protecting their kids, moms are a force to be reckoned with. It’s true in the animal kingdom, and in our own. So when Lysol wanted to stand for more than just killing germs, we tapped in to a mother’s instinct to protect. We developed a fully integrated Mother’s Day campaign – featuring film, social and an interactive exhibit beneath the Brooklyn Bridge – celebrating a different side of motherhood. The side that will rip your face off if you mess with her kids.  

Cannes Lions – Shortlist
Cannes Lions – Shortlist
Effie Awards – Bronze

Chief Creative Officer: Tom Murphy
Creative Director: Erin Wendel
Creative Director: Lauren McCrindle
Senior Art Director: Jesse Yowell
Senior Copywriter: Dan Colburn
Senior Designer: Ethan Buller
Designer: Shelby Hipol